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Monday, February 20, 2006

featherly lace stole progress

So... I was scanning the knit blog ring a few days after I posted about team alternates and came across a recent post by Kris . She posted that she needed a replacement for her position on Team Lace. A few emails... and *poof*! Here I am...

My Olympic challenge is the featherly lace stole I am knitting out of kidsilk haze (heaven color) from Exquisite Little Knits. I am a bit over half-way.

It has been a quick knit so far and a great introduction to kidsilk haze. The pattern is quickly memorized. I am using bamboo sz 8 needles (24" Clover circular) and understand now why bamboo needles are often suggested when working with this yarn. I could do it with addis but it definitely feels more secure with bamboo.

I joined in the second (of 2) balls last night. As this project is my first time knitting with kidsilk haze and one of my first lace expeditions, I was unsure what would be the best technique to use for the join. Google turned up little help. I ended up going with knitting with the old and new yarns together for a few stitches. I left the tails long and will make them disappear after the blocking. If you have knit with this yarn, what join did you use? I'd love to hear any and all suggestions as I envision more expeditions with this yarn in the future.


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