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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Happy Birthday!

I recently finished a gift knit. My mom, aunt, and their parents took a trip in Western Canada last summer (Calgary to Alberta). Part of their trip included the discovery of Beehive Wool and some beautiful Fleece Artist mohair. They had lots of fun in the shop and were particularly enamored with a store sample - a shawl with mohair and ribbon. Upon inquiry, they learned that the sample was from a pattern written by an employee and that the pattern was available with purchase of the yarn. Have you seen Fleece Artist mohair? I suppose, though, I really should ask if you have felt it. Wow! Fleece Artist has several different types of mohair yarn. The kind they got is Curly Locks (from the label - 78% kid mohair, 13% wool, 9% nylon; 450m/250g; 6mm 12/4").

The pattern called for one skein of Curly Locks and some complementary ribbon yarn (knitter's choice).

The yarn was so pretty (and the sample so impressive) that my mom and aunt bought several different colorways of Curly Locks and ribbon. I'll show pics of mine at a later date - I knit it up last fall.

Today I want to show you pics, however, of my aunt's shawl. Over the holidays, she asked me if I would knit up her yarn for her. I agreed and today is the day she gets her shawl. Why today?


today she is 50 (!) and my knitting is my gift to her. :-)
Here are some close-up shots...

Happy Birthday!

For information regarding the pattern, I recommend contacting Beehive Wool directly.


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