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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

you know, i really should read this thing!


Yeah, I've been knitting but haven't been so good at the photos. I like posting with photos. The above is some socks that rock mediumweight in "fire on the mountain". It is socks now, toe-up, on sz2. Pic someday. I'm trying out the whole socks toe-up thing using the figure 8 caston. I like that the fiddly part is at the beginning and then it it is smooth sailing the rest of the sock. Especially if it is mainly stockinette. Joy.

Oh, yeah, about the title...So, I like to knit a bunch of different things. The more UFOs, it seems, the better. I'm just now getting to the second sock of the previous post. And, having already turned the heel, I am reading my own words and realizing that I forgot to do the decrease before the heel. (72 to 68). Probably won't make too much of a difference, but argh!!!
That's all from me. Enjoy your fiber!

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