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Monday, March 26, 2007

Picot cuff socks

In all my sock knitting days, I've always done a ribbed cuff of one or two inches (usually 8 or 16 rows). You can see a 16 row cuff in my last post about the shore.
Recently I was contemplating starting another sock and decided to use more yarn that has been stash marinating since last summer. It is some Cherry Tree Hill Supersock (color: Quarry Hill) that just called for a different cuff. Picot cuff, that is! A quick google search listed several great blog posts from Claudia and Theresa. I decided to follow Claudia's method.
Here is a close-up of the inside of the cuff. (60 sts, sz 1.5 brittanys) I knit 7 rows, knit the picot row (yo, k2tog) and then knit 7 more rows. The next row I knit each stitch together with a picked-up stitch from the cast-on. It was finicky the first few stitches but it got easier as I went along. All in all, it might have taken me less time than doing my standard ribbing. I'm all about efficiency!
I like how this cuff looks with the variegated yarn.

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