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Monday, March 26, 2007

Beach pics!

We went to the beach Sunday afternoon. The shore here is narrower than what I've seen elsewhere (in NC, SC, GA, FL, CA, etc.). Is it a New England thing?
It was about 50 degrees that day. I had to get my feet in the sand, jeans rolled up, the full deal, but I also wore a winter coat, scarf, etc. The sock yarn debuting below is some Tofuties purchased recently. I'm doing 72 stitches on sz 1 clovers. Thickness is comparable to Trekking XXL to me so I cast on the number of stitches I'd need if I were using that yarn. L, can you make out the stitches holder? Got it at the same store where I got the yarn. I could pick one up for ya if you don't like your recently purchased one.
Isn't the water pretty? DH held the camera at water level to get this pic. It really was that sparkly - more so, really.
Blogger balked at me uploading all the pics at once so I am going to put my picot cuff shots in the next post.

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At 7:28 AM, Blogger Knitting Magic Girl said...

The holder looks like the same one I just picked up, lol. It looks beautiful at the beach! I really like the picot edging sock too. Gives it a totally different look. Definitely post about the finished product and how it feels on your feet and legs!


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