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Monday, January 15, 2007

And without further delay...

Here's a new post!

I switched to the new version of blogger. Hopefully all is well.

Okay, so lots has happened since my last posting. Degree, move, etc. If you need to know the details, chances are you already do. :-)

On to some knitting.

Part of moving is saying "fare thee well" to dear knitting companions. I was fortunate to get to knit each week with two great gals, knittinology and magic knitter .

I got some great pressies at our last :-( SnB... knittinology knit me a great scarf (pic forthcoming) and magic knitter spun up some yarn for me! I thought it only fitting that my first knitting in 2007, and in the new apartment, be with this yarn. (Yarn in its skein form is on her Dec. 4 post.)

Here is my scarf!

I did a feather-and-fan pattern across 26 stitches, sz 9 needles.

I wanted the ends to match so I knit up each of the two skeins separately and kitchener-ed them together.

See? It buckled a bit before blocking, but is smooth now. Color is more accurate in the second pic. I had a great time knitting this scarf! I'm glad to have this tangible representation of good times!

Since finishing this scarf, I have been working on a baby blanket for a (former) co-worker. I'm loosely following the "Big Bad Baby Blanket" pattern by Lisa Shobhana Mason in the original SnB book. (project specs: sz 9 knitpicks needles, yellow cottonease)

The baby is due in May. I'm starting now so that a)maybe I'll finish in time and b)if I finish early, I can wash it and make sure it still looks presentable... if not, still have time for round 2! I tend to be a good project STARTER... so, yeah, 5 months should be just enough time!

I'll sign off with an in-the-wild sock sighting...

Enjoy your day!




At 7:33 AM, Blogger Knitting Magic Girl said...

I love how the feather and fan worked with the yarn! Glad you enjoyed knitting with it! I'll be spinning up the roving you gave me so that I can have white and bluish kid mohair/merino blend to work with!


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