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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Finished hat

Alrighty, so the hat for DH finally dried so that I could get some action shots. Knit in Zara (color 1469 dark gray, ~2.5 balls, 100% merino) on sz 5 needles. 104 stitches, gauge 22 st/4". I did a provisional cast on, knit a hat (about 9 inches before crown decreases), recovered the stitches from the provo cast on, and knit another hat. Ta da!

Here is a picture of it drying - it is long!


And in action!

After all that knitting in the round, I'm in the mood for something that actually requires me to look ;-) so I started a little shawl. From Wrap Styles, it's the Shetland Triangle. I'm using some laceweight light purple 100% mohair yarn I got this summer while job shopping. I've done the neck and one of ten repeats of the body.

The thing is, though, I've really enjoyed having some simple knitting, so I'll probably work on some socks or a scarf or something, I mean, come on, it is just not me to do one project at a time! :-)

Knit well, my friends!

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