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Monday, March 26, 2007

Picot cuff socks

In all my sock knitting days, I've always done a ribbed cuff of one or two inches (usually 8 or 16 rows). You can see a 16 row cuff in my last post about the shore.
Recently I was contemplating starting another sock and decided to use more yarn that has been stash marinating since last summer. It is some Cherry Tree Hill Supersock (color: Quarry Hill) that just called for a different cuff. Picot cuff, that is! A quick google search listed several great blog posts from Claudia and Theresa. I decided to follow Claudia's method.
Here is a close-up of the inside of the cuff. (60 sts, sz 1.5 brittanys) I knit 7 rows, knit the picot row (yo, k2tog) and then knit 7 more rows. The next row I knit each stitch together with a picked-up stitch from the cast-on. It was finicky the first few stitches but it got easier as I went along. All in all, it might have taken me less time than doing my standard ribbing. I'm all about efficiency!
I like how this cuff looks with the variegated yarn.

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Beach pics!

We went to the beach Sunday afternoon. The shore here is narrower than what I've seen elsewhere (in NC, SC, GA, FL, CA, etc.). Is it a New England thing?
It was about 50 degrees that day. I had to get my feet in the sand, jeans rolled up, the full deal, but I also wore a winter coat, scarf, etc. The sock yarn debuting below is some Tofuties purchased recently. I'm doing 72 stitches on sz 1 clovers. Thickness is comparable to Trekking XXL to me so I cast on the number of stitches I'd need if I were using that yarn. L, can you make out the stitches holder? Got it at the same store where I got the yarn. I could pick one up for ya if you don't like your recently purchased one.
Isn't the water pretty? DH held the camera at water level to get this pic. It really was that sparkly - more so, really.
Blogger balked at me uploading all the pics at once so I am going to put my picot cuff shots in the next post.

-Got fiber fever?-

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A day at the beach

Well, good morning on this bright Monday!
Okay, it's actually cloudy here, but still.

This weekend DH and I went the beach. I took a sock with me and of course had to get some action shots on the shore. Pics to be uploaded this evening.

This past week I learned how to do a picot cuff for a top-down sock. My variegated yarn was just asking for it, you know. Turns out doing a picot cuff, all-in-all, takes less time than doing the amount of ribbing that I usually do for a sock. Again, pics to be uploaded this evening.

So, happy fiber arts to you and come back soon to see pics!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Mohair all the way

With a little help blocking... (okay, DH helped too) the shawl is done.
I don't have blocking wires. DH straightened some coat hangers for me. It took 2 hangers for the top and one for each side.

And here it is, dry. The center really is straight.
So, final details... Shetland Triangle by Evelyn Clark (in Wrap Style). Knitpicks needles, size suggested in pattern. And the yarn, oh, I like this yarn! Found the ball band - it is Kaalund Yarns Expressions, color Jacaranda. 100% kid mohair, 460m/skein. I did an extra repeat and still have yarn left. It's a neat yarn - smoothly spun, soft mohair that blossoms a bit in the wash - stitches are more distinct, say, than the yarn in my next project.
Lace on the knitpicks needles - oh - it's good. I've started a spring scarf for myself with a skein of Rowan Kid Silk Haze (color: 581) that I got on sale a year or two ago. Most patterns I see with KSH call for at least 2 if not 3 or 4 skeins. I wasn't sure what to do with this ball when I initially purchased it. Here is a link to the free pattern: Knotted Openwork Scarf. It's a 4 row repeat, easily memorized. I'm curious as to how it might look with a different yarn - we'll see, eh?

Other projects... need to send off that baby blanket from earlier this winter. I've got several socks on the needles - slow progress b/c of the lace knitting and also b/c they are somewhat delegated as just-in-case knitting in my purse and briefcase.

Well, happy knitting to you! I hope your projects are going well!

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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Finished hat

Alrighty, so the hat for DH finally dried so that I could get some action shots. Knit in Zara (color 1469 dark gray, ~2.5 balls, 100% merino) on sz 5 needles. 104 stitches, gauge 22 st/4". I did a provisional cast on, knit a hat (about 9 inches before crown decreases), recovered the stitches from the provo cast on, and knit another hat. Ta da!

Here is a picture of it drying - it is long!


And in action!

After all that knitting in the round, I'm in the mood for something that actually requires me to look ;-) so I started a little shawl. From Wrap Styles, it's the Shetland Triangle. I'm using some laceweight light purple 100% mohair yarn I got this summer while job shopping. I've done the neck and one of ten repeats of the body.

The thing is, though, I've really enjoyed having some simple knitting, so I'll probably work on some socks or a scarf or something, I mean, come on, it is just not me to do one project at a time! :-)

Knit well, my friends!

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